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The DJvsThe Violinist: All the Vibes Mix

The DJvsThe Violinist: All the Vibes Mix

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As a thanks for continuing to rock with us, **We're waiving the shipping costs for the first 400 orders!**

The DJvsThe Violinist has been a wild ride thus far. It's been such a blast to be able to easily float through all the different kinds of music we love, So we're bringing you Our "All the Vibes" Mix Collectionfor those who connect with us on the music. Because you're taking this musical journey through past and present with us, we want to sign and send a copy to you as a time capsule of this moment we share. Just a little something for our day ones who've been digging the Xperience!

See if you can keep up, while we cruise through R&B, Hip-Hop, Afro Beats, and Latin Music.

As we ride the waves of the rhythm, let us know who reigns King of the Beat? The DJ vs The Violinist! LOL

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